Proposal to increase fire safety Castle Stará Ľubovňa

Fire safety of historical buildings is necessary to deal with. Traffic of Ľubovňa castle is a high, there by the risk of fire is increasing. Current status in the Ľubovňa castle is not bad, but it can be improved. In my work I´m describing the current readiness, as well AT the station, and the hydrants function. Furthermore, I'm dealing with the exchange of AT station and changing of benefits and resources to the Castle. New and high quality material resources could help firefighters as well to the staff of the castle in case of fire. Using the new AT-station would be a better use of the changes, which would save force and firefighters resources. It should also facilitate access to the Castle, in case of fire in the Castle.

GLOVŇA, Vladimír
University of Žilina
Type of work: 
Semestral Project
Year Published: 
9. October 2014 - 15:15
Reason for Publishing: 
project/research partner search

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